We are a group of independent business folks who are interested in the development of the sports of cycling and triathlon. What better way to encourage these sports than to support the youth, and what better way to support youth, than to provide them with the tools they need to participate. With that in mind, we aim to provide bikes for kids who would love to try cycling or triathlon, but otherwise would not be able to take part.

Mike Bock


Before embarking on a career in the financial services industry in 1995, Mike Bock was a small business owner. He operated numerous businesses in the flooring, real estate and rental properties industries, and in the IT sector.

Over 20 years, Mike has expanded his interest and knowledge in financial planning, completing numerous courses focusing on wealth creation and money management, including the Certified Financial Planners program. He has accumulated an abundance of valuable insight and information, and has developed strategic alliances with key people and businesses.




Cal Kellett

Cal KellettOur goal for every project we take on is always the same…to create customized and professional looking site design, social media pages +/or multimedia that will achieve each client’s development, design and marketing goals. No matter what the budget, our mission is to work with you to understand your business and your customers to ensure your media project satisfies your unique needs.

Whether you need a few pages or a comprehensive multi-page site, social media set-up or the works, including managing your platforms and writing  post content, or creating unique and effective multimedia – the desired result – effective, functioning media to complement your marketing campaign and that you’re proud to direct your clients to!


Owner/Operator of Simply Effective Web Design Inc.
Owner of Real Rides Inc.
Fifteen-time Ironman Finisher
Twenty-eight-time marathon Finisher
Publisher/ The50zone.com Magazine for Men
Author of the novels Booster and Thunder Well